The Sophia Stabilizer Plate, fiting between the spring block and the base plate, below the retainer spring pieces, is pre-tensioned between the tremolo block and the tremolo pocket face when the strings are at pitch, etc.....  has a stiffer feel so that when, once installed, and “seated”, there is  “firm soft stop” created [v. EVH hard stop], that fell/sounds much more like a hard tail but can vibrato around Zero Point, as well as provide reinfocement for double stops, etc.
The Sophia Stabilizer Plates require top-loading string installations.
  • Pre-tensioned premium stainless steel
  • Invisible, non-destructive installation
  • Substantial improvement in sustain
  • Capable of enforcing accurate returns from dive bombs
  • Excellent for double stops
  • Bending notes to stable pedal tones, etc....
  • Low-cost -- no maintence required once installed
  • Retro-fits Genuine Floyd Rose® Original Tremolo [OFR] or similar = 3 x .669 M5 Screw Pattern Compatible

      Sophia Stabilizer Plate

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