"The Sophia tremolo’s design is such a vast improvement over previous systems that it’s an understatement to call it the most significant tremolo system upgrade introduced since the Floyd Rose." Guitar World

From world-class Luthier, Gene Baker -- B3/Roscoe Guitars [Senior Master Builder for the Fender Custom Shop '93-'99] on his Charvel equipped CSL Sophia 2:92 Pro with the Global Tuner Pro with Dual Stabilizers:

"Playing performance it feels great, smooth, stays in tune ... Really like the sleek look and no rough or bulky edges to it.... As far as the dual stabilizer goes, it works and helps eliminate palm pressure to maintain pitch and pulls backwards nicely....  easy to feel and hear once the pistons come in contact with the body, there's an added tone transference throughout ..."

From premier luthier Rick Canton, Canton Custom Guitars and the "Jimi Tunnell Model" headless guitar with the CSL Sophia 2:92 Pro:

"The tone was a very noticeable positive improvement, much more fuller all over ... the trem really is the best Floyd type replacement out there today. Thanks again for all of your detailed guidance."

Is it really that good ?
"Yes & with a lot of fine tuning ability, if you have a Floyd equipped guitar it's an invaluable upgrade."

Jimi Tunnel, Steps Ahead, Tri-Lateral Commission:

"Enormous thanks to Rick Canton and Geoffrey Lee McCabe. You gentlemen are brilliant. NO ONE is doing what these guys are doing."

" ... the thing about trems staying in tune ... [plays and laughs]... I don't know what to tell you ..."

"the tuners feel ridiculous", "the simplicity of this thing and the precision ... " -- Jimi T

From Teddy kumpel, Joe Jackson's guitarist, etc., regarding his new Sophia 2:92 Pro on his Fender Japan 80's Strat:
"guys… the trem is terrific… got it all working nice!... it’s 1000 times better than my old floyd. thank you!

S.K., Japan:

"Sophia arrived safely today! ...Looks so sharp and cool, overall very accurate.
There is no rattling of the arm at all, adjustment is also easy. It's really amazing gear!!... Thank you very much for this time!"

"Hi, I just want to say that your product is amazing. I 'm just finished installing it on my guitar, here are some pics !!"

BA -- Boston

On the Sophia 2:22 Standard CSE Pro:

"Amazed by this tremolo system in the very brief time I’ve used it so far. Install was done by Ryan at Equilibrium Guitars in Somerville MA. Got the guitar back today. Playing for hours. Tuning stability is awesome. One thing I did not expect though, the sound is snappy as all hell, compared to the previous two tremolos. It’s blowing me away. Anyway, killer job with this 2:22! Couldn’t be any happier ...." 

R -- Boston, Certified Luthier and Repair Technician

"It was great to have a chance to work with the bridge. It is very stable and B is really excited. Thanks for sending that stuff over and helping with my questions."

AP - Poland 

"I am delighted with the professionalism and speed of action. Miracle bridges and the company is excellent !!!  Congratulations..."

Customers on Ibanez

"I just put a Sophia 2:92 Pro in my RG570 (the low profile version, like the Lo Pro Edge), replacing the original Edge. The posts line up fine…." 

"Just installed it today everything works good the springs and the pads are in the correct spot and everything is wonderful" -- we used a 32mm GT Pro for that one."

Customer on the Sophia 4:44 Hardtail Special

"I am really enjoying gearing up for the music festival season here in the UK ... My guitar is an absolute pleasure to play (and easy to tune, which is rare as it stays in tune for an age!), it sings even more sweetly now....
My guitar-playing friends (as well as quite a few gig-goers who have attended our recent gigs have been "WOWed!" by the clean lines of the Sophia - so I am not the only one in love with her hehe
The other photos are of my Marconi Lab guitar with the Sophia hardtail fitted (apologies for the blurry one, I have only just noticed!) :-)

We got one in Thomas Nordegg's Evo — One customer sent us pic of his green Evo — he put on a chrome Sophia 2:92 Pro — so that’s cool too:)