Global Tuners, Stabilizers and Tuning Systems Setup Guide

 Integrated Spring Blocks

Brass and cold rolled steel Integrated StopBlock feature an adjustable built-in TremStop -- thread the 10mm setscrew to meet the inner pocket face when the base plate is 90º to the riser posts for bolt-on necks and angled to match the neck otherwise and lock the position with 2mm hex wrench. 

The Sophia Stabilizer Plate, fiting between the spring block and the base plate, below the retainer spring pieces, is pre-tensioned between the tremolo block and the tremolo pocket face when the strings are at pitch, etc.....  has a stiffer feel so that when, once installed, and “seated”, there is  “firm soft stop” created [v. EVH hard stop], that fell/sounds much more like a hard tail but can vibrato around Zero Point, as well as provide reinfocement for double stops, etc.


Global Tuner

Setup a normal floating tremolo, the stainless steel thumbwheel/secondary spring holder upgrade can change tension of the tremolo springs on-the-fly also features an adjustable built-in Tremolo Stop alternative use.

Setup as a Global Tuner for a floating tremolo: 

  • Set a reserve of approximate .020/.50mm gap between the Secondary Spring Holder and the Base, secure with 2mm hex wrench lightly –
  • Flip the guitar holding the tremolo arm, pivot the spring block forward to release tremolo spring tension and move the thumbwheel a 1/4 ~ 1/3 turn to fine-tune the tension of the tremolo springs to bring a floating tremolo back to Initial Position.

 Setup the Global Tuner as a Tremolo Stop: 

Extend the Secondary Spring Holder so that the extended portion makes Initial Contact, "just kissing", with the face of the tremolo pocket at Initial Position to block the tremolo so it always comes back to the original initial position — pad can be placed on the extended portion to facilitate various pockets and address noise in heavy setups, etc.  -- great for drop tunings, double-stops, too. 

    Global Tuner Pro

    The Global Tuner Pro features Dual Stabilizers

    Ensure Initial Tremolo Setup Includes Truss Rod Adjustment To Start

    Vibra-TITE 213 VC-3 Threadmate Threadlocker, a re-usable thread locker, is used to fix the contact pin and guide at the factory for stability under normal vibration and use. Expect, anytime you are adjusting the contact pins to fit the tremolo pocket, to experience some resistance at first to turning before overcoming the "thread lock".  Once adjusted, Vibra-TITE "automatically" re-locks your adjusted/finalized position. 

    There is a 2mm hex in the end of each contact pin, adjustable by the supplied 2 mm L-wrench for the relative lengths of each of the Dual Stabilizers…. 

    In order to ensure this adjustment is virbation free, we use re-lockable agent between the pins and the guides [extends through the spring holder w/ 5.5mm hex nose to hold with a 5.5 wrench, if need be]

    Sophia Products also provide 1mm adhesive backed  2" wide flat felt strips for the interior of the tremolo pocket to quiet returns


    • FIRST -- Ensure there is a minimum .020/.50mm gap between the Secondary Spring Holder and the Base, secure with 2mm hex wrench – Use the Thumbwheel to fine-tune the position of the dual stabilizers after Initial Setup.
    • SECOND -- Perform a complete Initial Setup, ie., stretch your strings, adjust the string height, the truss rod, the intonation, spring tension v  string tension to produce the tremolo plate 90º to the riser posts for bolt-on necks, the rest follow the neck angle, etc., Initial Position:
      • Ensure the position of Spring Claw parallel or "true" to the Global Tuner – see second figure.
      • Upgrade to the Sophia Noiseless Springs -- If using the same springs, reposition Spring Claw screws approximately .200/5mm deeper, same pattern.
    • THIRD --  Adjust the BOTH Contact Pins with the supplied 2mm hex wrench [a 7/32 wrench holds the guide tip], to just meet, as slightly as possible, the inner tremolo face at Initial Position – see first figure.

      Probable Starting Positions for Contact Pins
    • Contact Pin Head closest to the guide [.093 to base] for Vintage pockets.
    • Contact Pin Head extended from the guide .[200 to base] for Pro pockets.

    • USAGE: The Global Tuner Pro thumbwheel is used to adjust the position of the two stabilizer pins AFTER SETUP for minor environmental conditions – takes about a ¼ ~ 1/3 turn ….
    • Double check the position of the truss rod when evaluation action or tuning sensitivities.


    Adjust Spring Claw -- Fine Tune Up and Down Returns
    • If the up returns are sharp, it means the tremolo springs are too tight, etc. -- reposition the Spring Claw.  Use SLIGHT [1/16~1/8th turn] adjustments of the claw screws to start.
    • If one side of the returns is off, adjust the matching side of the Spring Claw.
    • Allow for the customary time for the springs and strings to adjust or settle in, especially, if you are changing your setup, etc.
    Dual Stabilizer -- Internal Tension Adjustment for you or your guitar tech/repairman at the time of setup, etc.
    • Tightening the Tensioner increases the firmness at Initial Position – great for Sophia Drop Tuner, double stops, stable strumming, etc.
    • Loosening the Tensioner decreases firmness – for a looser classic feel for “flutter” effects, etc.
    • Spin the thumbwheel to remove the spring holder -- a 5/16 truss rod wrench opens the stabilizer housings -- they are spring loaded and contain inner rings/spacers as well as a white washer inside the housing at one end of the springs, where the other end of the spring pushes the guide.  Removing the white washer, as small as it it is, reduces the push of the springs against the body when you pull up...  Removing spacer rings adds firmness, etc.  Be mindful of the spacer rings, etc. -- re-assemble in reverse order, etc. -- see below:

      Please note that firmer settings used with the Drop Tuner on 10-46 sets @ 25.5 scale length can restrict the throw of the contact pins and the upward range --
      An upgrade to a set of our HD Springs, typically associated to the Sophia 2:92 Seven, can restore the throw easily.
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