Sophia Specs

"the almost perfect drop-in fit for vintage tremolos ..."
Sophia Universal Base Plates

    • Sophia 2:22 Riser spacing = 2.195 [55.75mm] to 2.245 [57.02mm] 
      • 25.25 from the nut to the Riser Post centerlines,
      • First string saddle, .020 back from limit, the remaining saddles free to intonate from the nut broadly
    • Sophia 2:92 Riser spacing = OFR Standard stud 2.915"+
    • .422" [10.7mm]  wide tiers for 2.11 [53.55mm] E to E string spacing
    • 14" radius pre-radius -- shims"in the box" for 2018
    • One 2mm hex wrench for "almost all" adjustments
    • Original Floyd Rose® .669 [17mm] x 3 M5 screw positions for StopBlocks, Global Tuner, Global Tuner Pro and Stabilizer Plate options.
    • Ibanez/Gotoh® Spec .636 x 3 M4
    • Sophia No Wobble stainless steel arms in 5, 5.5 and 6mm -- Hand Tensioner
    • 2:92 Seven 11º multi-scale capable Universal Base Plate 
    • Left hand models pending 

StopBlocks and Global Tuner Dimensions

Sophia Standard Saddles

  • .197 Intonation Point height [5mm]
  • .080 string channel [2.03mm]
  • Traditional String-thru -- use with the 51001; or
  • Top-loader -- windings to the IP to minimize stretch without clamps, locks, etc.
  • CNC milled solid brass or stainless steel

Sophia Deluxe Dual Loading/Locking Saddles

  • .207 Intonation Point height [5.25mm]
  • .080 string channel [2.03mm]
  • Dual Loading/Locking -- string plain end through the nose up to .045 for .075 strings

Sophia Macro-tuners

  • String through the tuning knob  -- no need to cut ball-end strings
  • Dual Loading/Locking -- string through the nose for large diameter strings ...
  • 60:1 tuning ratio -- Highest Industry Standard
  • Variable locking position to fascilitate string tension/feel
  • "Infinite" fine tuner
  • Full-range tuning capacity for headless applications
  • .075 string channel 
  • Cast hardened stainless steel body, hardened steel tuner materials
  • 2:22 Saddles -- .207 Intonation Point height and short nose -- 2.382 [60.46mm]
  • 2:92 Saddles -- .315 Intonation Point height and long nose -- 2.59 [65.74mm]

Sophia No-Wobble Arm Assembly

  • Knurled finger tensioner.
  • No wobble slip-fit
  • Hi-Performance No Wobble 5, 5.5 and 6mm sizes pending.

Sophia Riser Posts

  • Setup with screwdriver
  • Lock with 2mm internal setscrew
  • Side hole for adjustment is accessed by short leg of 2mm hex wrench in a fix...

Sophia Drop Tuner 

  • Drops from one pre-determined pitch to another and back almost on-the-fly, say E on the 6th string to D with a flip of the lever -- flip back for return to E .... easy.
  • Setup with the Global Tuner Pro, Semi-Stabilizers or Stop features

Sophia 3:22 Surface Mount Tremolos and Bridges

  • Drop-in fit for familar TOM/Stop Tailpiece configurations
  • Macro-tuner Pro model or Dual Locking Standard model
  • Novel U-shaped Pivot Spring offers familiar fulcrum tremolo feel


  • 1.675" steel 51001's include 10mm locking adjustable built-in TremStop
  • 42, 37 and 32mm brass 51002's include the adjustable built-in TremStop

Global Tuner / StopTuner

  • On-the-fly adjustment of tremolo springs
  • Oversized premium brass bases with stainless steel -- tuned for increase sustain and tone
  • Upgraded model include larger stainless steel thumbwheels
  • 40:1 tuning ratio
  • Extended secondary spring holder in stainless steel
  • Alternative TremStop -- great for drop tunings
  • Locking to improve coupling sees increases in sustain and stability
  • 42, 37 and 32mm sizes with bell brass bases

Global Tuner Pro

  • Features Dual Stabilizers for an adjustable "Soft Stop"
  • 40:1 tuning ratio
  • Easy to install -- set pins to wall of trem pocket at Initial Position and tune.
  • Exceptional stability from dive bombs and above
  • Adjustable 8mm tensioners for 2~ 4 spring setups, etc.
  • "Almost perfect" stability for the CSL Drop Tuner or any drop tuning accessory
  • 42, 37 and 32mm sizing with bell brass bases

Sophia Stabilizer Plate

  • 83001 Pre-tensioned premium steel
  • Invisible, non-destructive installation
  • Substantial improvement in sustain
  • Capable of enforcing accurate returns from dive bombs
  • Excellent for double stops
  • Bending notes to stable pedal tones, etc....
  • Low-cost -- no maintence required once installed!

2mm Hex Wrench

With few exceptions all CSL Products require only one 2mm hex wrench for all running adjustments…. Head designs for riser posts, etc. feature provisions for using a CSL hex wrench in an emergency.  Screw driver for riser post initial adjustment or 8mm wrench for the Stabilizer Tensioners for initial setup.


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