Three Sophia Global Tuner Pro Setup Guide Videos

Installation Over View:

Hand test
the adjustment of the extension of each of the dual contact pins to the tremolo pocket inner face at the Zero Point ie, base plate @ 90º to the Riser Post centerline, before stringing and “springing” the instrument… balance the returns at the spring claw, like any other floating tremolo.    

Video Focuses on:
1)   Adjusting the Dual Stabilizer Contact Pins for various sized tremolo pockets,
2)   Installing the Felt tab or Strip to reduce return noise,
3)   Installing tremolo springs like on other floating setups, and Fine tuning the returns with very small turns, 1/8th, for example, of the tremolo spring claw screws.  
4)    Each screw tunes the respective side of the returns.
Balancing Returns Is Critical to Stabilization
Make sure all strings are at [very close] pitch as well as intonation and truss rod are in tune when balancing since you want the guitar balanced to the setup….

Post-Setup Re-calibration technique....
If you feel lost in balancing the Stabilizers and you feel confident about the position of the contact pins try this approach:
1) Slightly loosen tremolo springs so the tremolo tilts forward.
2)  Guitar on bench...Gently push the whole tremolo down to that the contact pins are just barely touching, creating four points of contact at Zero Point or Initial Position.
3) While holding the tremolo in the above position — Tune individual strings to pitch roughtly. +/- 5 cents, for example, . 
4) Retighten tremolo springs to postion tremolo plate to Zero Point until the retruns match—1/4~1/3 turn means a lot in balancing at or near the Zero Point..

Use the Global Tuner Thumbwheel to Pitch Tune the Tremolo 
For example, the entire instrument is generally flat 6 cents, flip the guitar and turn [unlocked] Global Tuner Thumbwheel within the recess once or twice to see the instrument return to Initial Tuning with many of the interrelationships between the string restored .... 
Ensure the truss rod tension when using the Global Tuner Thumbwheel to address environmental issues
All stabilizers are sensitive to the setup of fulcrum tremolos
Test guitar is 6 cents flat and loosing tuning relationships ....
~1/3 Turn of the Thumbwheel Returns the Guitar to Pitch and Restores Inter-String Tuning Relationships
Stabilizers Enhances Acoustic Qualities -- Increase Surface Area of Contact between the Tremolo and the Body....

Floyd Rose® and Ibanez® compatible