Playing performance it feels great, smooth, stays in tune .... Really like the sleek look and no rough or bulky edges to it.... As far as the dual stabilizer goes, it works and helps eliminate palm pressure to maintain pitch and pulls backwards nicely....  easy to feel and hear once the pistons come in contact with the body, there's an added tone transference throughout ...

world-class Luthier, Gene Baker -- B3/Roscoe Guitars [Senior Master Builder for the Fender Custom Shop '93-'99] on his Charvel equipped CSL Sophia 2:92 Pro with the Global Tuner Pro with Dual Stabilizers

The tone was a very noticeable positive improvement, much more fuller all over ... the trem really is the best Floyd type replacement out there today. Thanks again for all of your detailed guidance

Is it really that good ?

Yes & with a lot of fine tuning ability, if you have a Floyd equipped guitar it's an invaluable upgrade

premier luthier Rick Canton, Canton Custom Guitars and the "Jimi Tunnell Model" headless guitar with the CSL Sophia 2:92 Pro

Enormous thanks to Rick Canton and Geoffrey Lee McCabe. You gentlemen are brilliant. NO ONE is doing what these guys are doing.

... the thing about trems staying in tune ... [plays and laughs]... I don't know what to tell you ...

the tuners feel ridiculous

the simplicity of this thing and the precision ... -Jimi T

Jimi Tunnel, Steps Ahead, Tri-Lateral Commission

Sophia 2:22 Deluxe Pro

Sophia 2:22 Deluxe Pro

Sophia 2:92 Seven Pro

Sophia 2:92 Seven Pro