Individual Height Adjustment Question:

All Sophia six string tremolos and hardtails are fixed 14” radius and follow the Sophia Design philosophy of direct contact from string to base plate to guitar … yeilding another important aspect of achieving exceptional tonal and sustain characteristics.

For example, a typical Fender® Strat® tremolo has over 35 parts — the Sophia 2:22 Standard CSE has less than half — less parts = less acoustic sponge.

All tremolos and hardtails will be sold with the option of purchasing shim sets to modify the radius.

Questions Regarding Stabilization:
Can you  explain the Stabilization Options you offer?

1) The StopBlock that comes on the base model and the and Sophia Global on the "S" model, can be setup to limit upward pulls, a hard stop = not floating.

2) The Sophia Stabilzer Plate is non-adjustable and requires a firm feel for believable double stops.  The tremolo is floating but has only accurate returns from below pitch.  Does not combine with the Pro models or Global Tuner Pro...
3) The Sophia Global Tuner Pro Dual Stabilizers internally adjusts for a range of string sets and individual setups.

4) Stock setup is for light re-inforcement but can be dialed in for a firm reinforcement to support the Drop Tuner at a max the 10-46 sets [approx 100+ lbs of string tension].

The same GT Pros will provide light reinforcement for the Sophia 2:92 Seven as well.

If you want a heavier reinforcement in general or the GT Pro to support the Drop Tuner on the Seven in particular, we sell a heavier set of springs.

Questions about model designation and general dimensions:
Which guitars fit the Sophia 2:92 based tremolos?

Sophia 2:92 based tremolos generally fit guitars with minimal stud width variances from Floyd Rose® spec [2.915"] and traditional tremolo pocket dimensions -- the Global Tuner and Global Tuner Pro benefit from larger modern tremolo pockets like Floyd Rose® Pro routings, etc.

Will the Sophia 2:92 Tremolos fit Ibanez RG, EDGE and EVO, etc.?   

The short answer is yes! 

Sophia Tremolos builds for original spec OFR® Vintage and Pro routing -- Ibanez Forums [http://forum.ibanez.com/yaf_postst83402_What-trem-goes-into-what-cavity---MUST-SEE.aspx] there is a comparison listing. 

Customer writes: "I just put a Sophia 2:92 Pro in my RG570 (the low profile version, like the Lo Pro Edge), replacing the original Edge. The posts line up fine…." 

From another customer: "Just installed it today everything works good the springs and the pads are in the correct spot and everything is wonderful" -- we used a 32mm GT Pro for that one."

We got one in Thomas Nordegg's Evo — One customer sent us pic of his green Evo — he put on a chrome Sophia 2:92 Pro — so that’s cool too:)


Sophia Tremolos favors modern larger tremolo pockets [26mm] that are being used today for the GT and GT Pro stabilizer features — 

Which guitars fit the Sophia 2:22 based tremolos?

Sophia 2:22 based tremolos generally fit guitars based on the American Standard two-point tremolo 2.22" stud width -- fits 2.20 [55.84mm] to 2.26 [57.25mm] and vintage tremolo pocket dimensions -- the Global Tuner and Global Tuner Pro may require larger pockets more often seen in modern guitars.

And to change strings no need to cut the heads of the strings, right?
UP to about .046~.050, you can thread the strings through without cutting the ball ends off … larger diameter strings, require cutting the ball end off and inserting the cut end through the string slot and under the lock by about .375 and lock.
Headless Quick install:  tip the tremolo forward and then lock string — when the tremolo returns to the Zero Point the string pitch is very close to pitch!!!!.
Which guitars fit the surface mount Sophia 3:22 fulcrum tremolo?

Sophia 3:22 surface mount tremolo generally fits guitars with the traditional Gibson-style 4-post TOM/Stop Tailpiece dimensions.

Do you have a stationary bridge for the locking Deluxe bridge elements or the Macro-tuners?

Yes, the Sophia 3:44 is a surface mount bridge tailpiece that generally fits guitars with the traditional Gibson-style 2.91" staggered TOM/Stop Tailpiece dimensions -- Special Order.

The Sophia 4:44 Hardtail Special is a surface mount bridge tailpiece with a 2.91" front stud spacing 90º to the strings like the Sophia 2:92 tremolo.

Standard, Locking Macro-Tuner and Deluxe Bridge Saddles Questions:
What the difference between the Deluxe Standard saddles and Standard saddles solutions:
The Standard saddle [string windings to the IP] is made from CNC billet stainless steel or brass — 
The Deluxes are cast in stainless but offer a different contour and are dual locking/loading — both are very stable:)

What's the Macro-tuner?

The Macro-tuner its a self-contained full range tuner, headless guitar capable, that includes an internal string clamp.  Be sure to clamp, like any other locking setup, before tuning -- in this case, to avoid jamming the setscrew!

What do you mean you can adjust the feel of the Macro-tuner?

The internal tuning pin has a huge range .... adjusting the pin closer to the nose slot will tighten the feel since the clamp is very close to the Intonation Point, like a normal locking tremolo; adjusting the pin further away loosens the feel in the direction of a string thru Strat-style spring block, for example...

Can you explain the Dual-loading feature on the Macro-Tuner and Deluxe Bridge elements?

Macro-tuners threads strings through the knob without cutting the ball-end off or through the nose slot for larger diameter plain core strings before clamping...

In the same way, the Deluxe Bridge elements feature loading the string [up to approx, .052 diameter] through the trailing-end to secure the ball end or threading the plain end through the nose slot before clamping.

Nose loading:

CSL has tested up to .060 diameter inserted through the .0781 [2mm] wide nose slot and clamped..... .075 with a .040-ish plain end will install

Integrated Spring Blocks/Global Tuner/Global Tuner Pro Questions:
What is the advantage of the Stainless Steel and Brass in your Global Tuner and Global Tuner Pro?

CSL feel that adding stainless steel to brass oversized spring block add a high-end definition hard to replace otherwise -- its "Hi-fi", for some!

What's the Global Tuner do?

The Global Tuner provides two alternative setups: 1) either dial the spring holder close to the base, about .020 ~ .030" for subtle adjustments over time to initial position or 2) dial and lock the spring holder in a position against the inner tremolo pocket as an adjustable Tremolo Stop.

How is the Global Tuner Pro different from the Global Tuner?
The Global Tuner Pro includes Dual Stabilizers that reinforce the tremolo at initial position [determined during setup] — the Dual Stabilizers are adjustable not only for the contact position per guitar but also for firmness, like a "soft stop" -- the trem returns accurately from both directions.  Stable upward pitch changes, depending on tremolo pocket.... The firmest settings on the Global Tuner Pro will stabilize the other strings when you change the E string to D on the Drop Tuner [10-46 / standard tuning] -- typically accurate around 5 +/- cents/variable by firmness.

Will the Pro equipped models stay perfectly in tune regardless of how much string bending I do with the left hand
No.  Heavier springs are required to increase the firmness of the reinforcement at the Zero Point yielding a stiffer feel while retainig hi-perfromance floating attributes.

Global Tuner Pro Setup Tip
The key to the Dual Stabilizer setup is to FIRST setup your truss rod, string height [important for clearance], intonation adjustments, etc.....Then in the preferred floating/initial position, [90º to the riser posts], adjust the Contact Pins to just barely touch the inner wall — that’s it:)
When environmental change initial position and the each string is off by say, 5-6 cents, use the thumbwheel to turn 1/4 or less to trim the position of the tremolo and bring all strings  to pitch collectively/globally....

Does it go out of tune when you break a string?
The Sophia StopBlocks and Global Tuners offer a built-in TremStop that can be set up [with tighter tremolo springs] to hold pitch if a string breaks — there is no upward pitch bending in this setup.
Sophia also offers a heavier internal springs for the Global Tuner Pro Dual Stabilizers to increase the firmness at initial position — all the same, at the firmest of settings, since it is a floating setup, the other strings will go sharp.

What's the Sophia Stabilizer Plate?

Sophia introduces a flat spring to limit the original springs to enforce Initial Position for double stops and Sophia Drop Tuner -- positioned between the base plate and spring block as a non-adjustable, non destructive install -- accurate returns from lower pitches only....

What's the Intonation Extender Plate for and can I take it out?

If your instrument can be intonated without the plate, it can be removed.

The Intonation Extender Plate is 2mm thick [v. OFR® 1mm reinforcement arrangement] for a 1mm differential in the distance from the bottom of the base plate to the end of the spring block from vintage spec…

The Thumbwheel on a Global Tuner / GT Pro increases that to 2mm further than an OFR® counterpart with the same size spring block, 32, 37 or 42mm.