Sophia StopBlocks, UNO and Global Tuners Pro Upgrades .... FIts OFR® and Gotoh®/Ibanez®

Sophia StopBlock -- CNC Bell Brass or Cold-rolled Steel block features an adjustable built-in locking TremStop.  The TremStop can be threaded back into the spring block for normal floating setups.

Sophia StopBlock Uno [you-know]  -- CNC Bell Brass block features an adjustable Single Stabilizer Contact Pin... 

Global Tuner Pro -- Upgrade features Dual Stabilizers to create a "soft stop" at the "Zero Point" -- variable for light setting or firm for Drop Tuner [+] models, etc.   

Available as upgrades for both Genuine Floyd Rose® Original Tremolo [OFR] or similar* including some Ibanez® models...

  • Original Floyd Rose® 3 x .669 M5 Compatible
  • Ibanez® 3 x .636 M4 Screw Pattern Compatible
  • 42, 37,34 and 32mm sizing with CNC Bell Brass bases and Cast Stainless Steel