• Multi-capable up to approx max 18º [.675+ ] intonation differential between first and sixth strings -- range over 16º requires removal of bass side spring block M5 screw

  • Macro-tuners - infinite fine tuning or full range [50:1 tuning ratio]

  • Global Tuner Pro includes Stainless Steel Contact Pins - Extended Length Option [ask]

  • Dual Locking/Loading feature, with ball-end in the knob, or larger diameter strings, up to .075, plain end loaded through nose slot

  • 2.22" + Variable Centerline Riser Spacing for Fender Strat® or similar

  •  25.25 from the nut to the Riser Post centerlines,First string saddle, .020 back from limit, the remaining saddles free to intonate from the nut broadly…

  • .422" [10.7mm]  wide tiers for 2.11 [53.59 mm] E to E string Spacing

  • 14” radius pre-radius.

  • Shims available to alter R14 specification.

Choose One Stabilization SpringBlock Option

    • Base Model Includes mid-sized Brass Tremolo Block with TremStop

    • UNO -- Single Stabilizer available on bell brass StopBlock or OFR-sized TI spring block.

    • "Pro" Model Upgrade includes Dual Stabilizers - “Soft stop" adjustable from gentle enforcement for flutters and similar effects to firm settings for  the Sophia Drop Tuner, double-stops and exceptional stability for stumming, etc. 

    • Stabilizer Plate Option -- double stops, accurate returns from dive bombs -- limited reinforcement of the Zero Point, requires stiffer feel.

      General Specs
      • In the box with each Sophia Tremolo:
      1 x  6mm Dia No Wobble Arm Standard
      2 x  Sealed Insert / Riser Posts
      4 x  Copper Coated Sophia Springs
      1 x  Copper Coated Sophia Tremolos Spring Claw
      1 x  2mm Adjustment Wrenches
      2 x Acoustic Dampening Felt Pads for GT Pro

      Sophia 2:22 Tremolo -- Multi-Scale Capable

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