The Sophia HeadPeace Micro, Mini and HeadPeace Tuner feature a removable nut in traditional dimensions to retro-fit an OFR®-style locking nut shelf.

The Mini and Micro has essentially the same dimensions of the traditional locking nut — about 43mm wide x .600 secured with the traditional back-of-the neck 2 x M4 screws @ 14mm apart…

The Sophia Mini and HeadPeace Tuner feature individual adjustment of the height of each side of the nut

The HeadPeace Tuner is larger with a housing to hide cut string ends that also included include a guitar hanger ...

Sophia HeadPeace Tuner

  • Fits Vintage Locking Nut Shelf Dimensions and M4 Screw Pattern

  • String in either direction 

  • Head designed to safely hide cut or ball ends

  • Removable Nut

  • Six and Seven String Models

  • Individual String Locks

  • Height Adjustment Feature 

  • Aluminum Housing with built-in guitar stand hanger

Sophia HeadPeace Tuner

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